Cugel ALU lift-slide doors with the profile of the Belgian ALU profile manufacturer Reynears will give your home a touch of elegance.

Concept Patio® 130 is a highly insulated lift-slide system that meets the highest requirements for insulation, stability and safety. The system integrates perfectly with the CS 77 series.

CP 130 is available with a variety of opening options, and the low-threshold option offers a solution to improve the accessibility of buildings. A special corner solution allows the opening of spaces without fixed corner elements, which creates perfect and clear continuity between indoors and outdoors. This makes the CP 130 an ideal choice for rooms with a view.

The robust system allows the production of large and stable slide windows. It also offers an aesthetically thin middle section

  • Profile thickness 59 mm
  • Monorail, duorail, 3-rail or multirail system
  • Door sound insulation: Rw = 35 (-2;-6) dB / 39 (-1;-3) dB, which depends on the combination of the frame and the glass thickness
  • • The anti-theft protection RC 2/WK 2 – CP 130 corresponds to burglary resistance class 2, as it offers a safe solution.
  • • Various opening system options – up to 2.60 m wide and 2.70 m high per leaf, maximum weight per leaf is 300 kg.
  • Glazing thickness up to 43 mm, which provides high thermal protection of the functional glass.
  • Lift-slide system or just slide system.

Lift-slide system (CP 130-LS)

Slide system (CP 130)

To get more information about the Reynears CP 130 profile, download the PDF format catalogue – HERE.

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